Workplace Competencies

Workplace Project (WCWorkProj-Fal21)

Building on the principles and tools from the Personal Effectiveness and Workplace Competencies courses, this course provides a structure to put those learnings into practice in a realistic workplace scenario. You will be assigned to a team to select from a list and deliver a project that has been sourced from an employment partner of NDP. During the project, you will experience many of the factors of a real workplace environment including team dynamics, tough supervisors, tight deliverable timelines, uncertainty and disruptions. The framework of the course provides a safe environment to experience situations that often occur in the workplace, and the opportunity to apply practices for successful workplace interactions and productive habits.
  • Orientation LIVE SESSION
  • Workplace Project Orientation
  • LIVE SESSIONs Day 1 - Day 10
  • Project List
  • Project Management Canvas - Project Brief
  • Daily Personal Reflection Template
  • Discussion: Daily reflections on workplace project experience
  • Homework: Course Feedback Survey
  • Homework: Overall Learning & Value Feedback Survey
  • (OPTIONAL) Final Student Presentations Recording
  • Templates
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever