Job Development

Job Searching & Interviewing - Strategies and Tactics (JDSearchInterv-Fal21)

Applying to jobs and seeking employment is a challenging task given the high level of competition and the number of qualified applicants available to organizations. This endeavor is much like a full time job, requiring an applicant to invest their time, focused efforts, persistence in the face of rejection and a well thought out personal employment strategy to succeed.

A 21st century job seeker must learn to adapt and master the newest and most effective tools, technologies, strategies and tactics of Job Searching and Interviewing to be considered for employment. To differentiate themselves from the competition and to really stand out as a potential candidate for employment, applicants must know and understand how to utilize an out-of-the-box thinking approach to leverage their personal brand, communicate their unique promise of value, promote their strengths, skills and experience, position themselves as the ideal candidate for the position and demonstrate their commitment to an organization in a meaningful and significant way.

In this course we will review the various strategies and tactics available to job seekers to effectively search for job opportunities in today’s job market. We will discover the unique benefits of employing each of the job search strategies and tactics and understand the norms, expectations and process necessary to successfully employ the strategy for your competitive advantage.

Next we will review how to strategically tackle the nuances of today’s interview practices and master how to prepare for and answer challenging interview questions. Students who are interested in seeking individualized feedback and coaching to improve their interviewing skills will be given the optional opportunity to schedule a mock interview with an instructor to practice the strategies and techniques learned within the course.
  • Learning Session #1
  • Prework Discussion: What is your current Job Search and Interview Strategy?
  • Job Searching & Interviewing: Strategies and Tactics - Live Session 1
  • Live Session #1 Recording
  • Doing Session #1
  • Homework: Searching for a Good Fit Job
  • Top 10 Job Interview Questions & Answers
  • Learning SESSION #2
  • Job Searching & Interviewing: Strategies and Tactics - Live Session 2
  • Live Session #2 Recording
  • Live Session #2B Recording
  • Doing SESSION #2
  • Homework: Course Feedback Survey
  • Interview Prep for a Good Fit Job
  • (OPTIONAL) How good a fit am I for this job? Template
  • (OPTIONAL) Interview Prep: Identify Manager, Target Audience & Competition
  • (OPTIONAL) STAR Method & Non-Technical Interview Questions
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever