Personal Effectiveness

Executive Function (PEExecFun-Fal21)

Executive Function refers to our ability to plan, organize, and execute tasks to accomplish a goal, while managing effectively any distractions or challenges that come along the way that cause us to react emotionally or behaviorally. Executive function consists of various neurocognitive processes that enable novel problem solving, modification of behavior in response to new information, planning and generating strategies for complex actions, and the self-regulation of cognition, behavior, and emotion.

In this course, you will start with taking stock of your executive functioning abilities at this point in time to identify areas that you need to work on and improve. You will learn about 9 different areas of executive function and some strategies you can adopt to improve in each area. You will then develop a personal strategy for overcoming your specific areas of executive function challenges.
  • Before Learning Session #1
  • Prework: Executive Function - Skills for Life and Learning
  • Prework: How Children and Adults Can Build Core Capabilities for Life
  • Prework: Discussion - Your thoughts on Executive Function
  • Prework: How strong is your Executive Function?
  • Learning Session #1
  • Learning Session #1: Executive Function - Part 1
  • Doing Session #1
  • How EF works | Sabine Doebel
  • Homework: Discussion - Influence of context on use of EF
  • Homework: A Past Failure Reflection Part 1
  • Learning Session #2
  • Learning Session #2: Executive Function - Part 2
  • Doing Session #2
  • Discussion: Executive Function Challenges and Strategies
  • Life Scenario: Staying On Task
  • Life Scenario: Discussion - Staying On Task
  • Workplace Scenario: Dealing With Deadlines
  • Workplace Scenario: Discussion - Dealing With Deadlines
  • Homework: A Past Failure Reflection Part 2
  • Homework: Course Feedback Survey
  • Lifework: Executive Function Self-Assessment and Action Plan
  • (OPTIONAL) Live Session #1 Recording
  • (OPTIONAL) Live Session #2 Recording
  • (OPTIONAL) Practice Log: Mindset, Habits, and Executive Function
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever