Personal Effectiveness

Coping & Resilience (PECopeResil-Fal21)

Integral to sustained success, be it at work or in personal relationships, are the critical skills of Coping and Resiliency. In this course, you will explore some strategies to consciously employ efforts to cope with and overcome some inevitable challenges life throws at you. You will also examine some ways to build mental toughness and overcome these hurdles by being Resilient.

This course builds off of all the other personal effectiveness courses and aims to equip you with a set of tools and strategies to face and tackle any impediment.
  • Before Learning Session #1: Coping
  • Prework: Coping - Effect of Stress on Body
  • Prework: Discussion - Reflection on past event that required coping
  • Learning Session #1
  • Learning Session #1: Coping
  • Doing SESSION #1: COPING
  • Homework: A-Z of Coping Strategies
  • Homework: Effective Coping Strategies
  • Prework: Resilience - You and a Mirror
  • Prework: Resilience - Never Give Up!
  • Prework: Discussion - Resilience - Built for Toughness!
  • Prework: The Japanese Formula for Happiness: Ikigai
  • Prework: Discussion - What is your Purpose?
  • Learning Session #2
  • Learning Session #2: Resilience
  • Doing Session #2: RESILIENCE
  • SOBER Meditation Practice
  • Homework: The three secrets of resilient people | Lucy Hone | TEDxChristchurch
  • Homework: Discussion - Three secrets of resilient people
  • Homework: Resilience - Action Plan
  • Homework: Positive Emotions
  • Homework: Discussion - Positive Emotions
  • Homework: Course Feedback Survey
  • (OPTIONAL) Guided Meditation: SOBER: Stop, Observe, Breathe, Expand, Respond
  • (OPTIONAL) Guided Meditation: RAIN of Self-Compassion
  • (OPTIONAL) Guided Meditation: Loving-Kindness with Self-Compassion
  • (OPTIONAL) Live Session #1 Recording
  • (OPTIONAL) Live Session #2 Recording
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever