Workplace Competencies

Conflict Resolution (WCConfRes-Fal21)

Have you experienced a struggle within yourself or a disagreement with another person or group? How did you go about resolving it? Or is it still there and festering? Do you generally avoid conflicts or end up accommodating for the sake of relationships? Do you try to force others to accept your views or try to meet others halfway by compromising? Have you wondered if there are effective approaches to solving a conflict resulting in amicable solutions that satisfy all parties?

You have a choice as to how you approach resolving a conflict. You can avoid, yield, fight, negotiate, or cooperate, depending upon how you choose to balance your concern for satisfying your personal needs and interests with your concern for satisfying the needs and interests of others. In this course, we will review different approaches to conflicts, when they may be appropriate to deploy them, and any associated benefits and risks.

Ability to effectively resolve conflicts is a crucial leadership skill, built upon your ability to engage in effective dialog and conversations with others. We will discuss how the growth mindset and seven habits of highly effective people can be used as a foundation to approach most conflicts and develop a win-win resolution. We will deepen our understanding using a few exercises.
  • Before Learning Session #1
  • Prework: What's your conflict resolution approach?
  • Prework: The beauty of conflict | Clair Canfield | TEDxUSU
  • Learning Session #1
  • Learning Session #1: Conflict Resolution - Part 1
  • (OPTIONAL) Live Session #1 Recording
  • Doing session #1
  • Homework: Discussion - 3 Key Takeaways from Clair Canfield's TED Talk
  • Discussion: Your recent conflict and its source
  • Conflict Resolution Approaches
  • Discussion: What is your dominant conflict resolution approach?
  • Dare to disagree | Margaret Heffernan
  • Homework: Discussion - 3 key takeaways from Margaret Heffernan's Ted talk
  • Homework: A Past Conflict Reflection Part 1
  • Learning Session #2
  • Learning Session #2: Conflict Resolution - Part 2
  • (OPTIONAL) Live Session #2 Recording
  • Doing session #2
  • Discussion: Your conflict and the Growth Mindset
  • Discussion: Analysis of your conflict and choice of the approach to resolve it
  • Conflict Resolution - Lincoln and Thaddeus Stevens Conversation
  • Workplace Scenario: Dealing With Negative Feedback
  • Workplace Scenario Discussion: Dealing With Negative Feedback
  • Homework: A Past Conflict Reflection Part 2
  • Homework: Course Feedback Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever